About The 33 Energies…

(Glynn writes)

Dear Friends,

It was July 1976 when Old Chinese gave five lectures titled The 33 Energies. As he was concluding, he said:

"Sign only if you are willing to dedicate your life and you will find strength and energy... you will find the Sage of the Forest of K'an and the other 30 energies that have been brought forward here, surrounding you and lifting you into a new dimension.You will find contact throughout your life and through the next 33 years of this existence.

For your plane, as you step forward from this room... there are 33 years."

He said our world would begin to undergo many changes... that a specific time-line would begin in 1976 and complete in 2009... noting that in August 1977, The Second Meeting of The 33 Energies was communicated.

Old Chinese also used the pseudonym, Chung Fu, and was assisted by two other guides known as The Hermetic and The Etruscan. He ceased to communicate to groups after 1979

During the following years, we learnt that our Bioforce was focussed within The 10 Energies of Individual Force... that we understood the basis of our individual reality. Our formulas were based around The 10xPrimary Nutrients (also The 10xPrimary 'Sleepers')—and they were ultimately called the Continuum1 Powder.

Eventually, the well being of our family members became a part of that work. Much later, Continuum2 became involved and focussed mainly on microorganisms, inter alia.

Also, a great deal was based on the Endocrine System, but from 2002, the Limbic Brain added additional facets, beginning with The Plant Kingdom (the 19th Energy)—and The Animal Kingdom (the 20th Energy) followed in 2009... and things began to change very quickly.

The 21st Century Has Become Very Different...

There are significant changes in The 33 Energies... that, even as we continued to learn through The 10xIndividual Forces, my colleagues, myself and students began working with The 10xVibrational Forces and The 10xQuantum Matrix Forces.

We became a part of such energies as Gravity (The Eighth Energy) and The Sun-Moon (The Fifth Energy)... also Rhythms of the Sun in our website, dimension33. We felt that we were are not alone... that we were becoming a part of a group reality... we experienced the transmutation of negative to positive substances... and that this was only the beginning of a series of important developments.

We Are Not Alone, We Are Connected... and beyond 2009, we became a larger part of The 33 Energies—especially The Final 3xEnergies: i.e. Fusion, The Quest & The Initiate.

Things Change...

It was in the 1980's that we created a successful way of working with weight gain/loss inter alia and called it The IFA Program (Improper Fat Accumulation). And now, we have solved many secrets in a world of positive cravings... and manufactured a new range of formulas... and although the names Imagination, Feelings, Perception & Reality have only changed marginally, the formulas are very different.

Also, a new IFA Program has emerged... that males & females are comprehending how we can experience our bodies anew—not only as individuals, but also as part of a group. We are discovering a plethora of physical and creative activities... and on the basis of early reports, many appear well and happy.

And there is a new development in Primary Sleepers that will be called Sleeper Cells: how they will sustain us in the time ahead... that they can be part of a new world. It seems that Sleeper Cells can cause amino acids to be in the right place at the right time.

So, new processes are involved in our comprehension of life... and we feel that one of the most important processes will involve knowing more about the ageing process. There is a very great deal to uncover here.

In Closing...

Notwithstanding everything written above, our attention will be focussed on researching and developing of Renewal & Maintenance formulae. It is only when we succeed in renewing and maintaining those energies that are currently before us—that we can advance into the future as a strong individual and work within a powerful group bioforce.

So, not only will we be able to celebrate the human life-force, we might also sustain the world of animals on land & sea. And that will be another story very soon.


Glynn, Bill, Rosa & Colleagues.

We don’t have to save the world.
The world is big enough to look after itself.
What we have to be concerned about it is whether or not
The world we live in will be capable of sustaining us in it.
- Douglas Noel Adams (1952–2001)

Glynn Braddy–TGBraddy&Assoc

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