Kinetic – The Energy of Motion Gantry and Theme Side RTL
Kinetic – The Energy of Motion Kinetic, the September 2010 Club Theme release, has a versatile and flexible design, styled with scrupulous precision, and founded on the functional, feature rich Gantry core.

The theme's impressive collection of preset styles, and complimentary widget variations are key to the design's appeal, offering an array of stylistic tools to refine your content.
Gantry and Theme Side RTL With the introduction of the Gantry Framework, RTL has taken centre stage as an important feature in all themes from August 2010 onwards.

Gantry offers automatic inversion of its layout when RTL is detected in WordPress, and the theme itself reacts to automatically format its elements for RTL compatibility, such as content typography.

Core Template Features

Feature 1

Gantry Framework

Versatile, dynamic theme framework, with features such as the 960 grid system, inbuilt GZip compression and an extensive, intuitive administrative interface.

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Feature 2

3 Level Splitmenu & Fusion

Splitmenu displays its 2nd level menu items horizontally below the main menu bar, and its 3rd level items in the sidebar. The powerful Fusion Menu is also present.

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Feature 3

Full RTL Support

Gantry and core theme side RTL support, such as the Gantry framework's grid structure, the Fusion menu, content typography, widget variations and many other elements

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iPad compatible Biorhythm chart with Famiglia

The iPad and mobile compatible Biorhythm Famiglia (family or friends Biorhythms viewing) is now available (beta). Just go to the usual "Your Biorhythms" link in the Biorhythms section of the site, or simply click here ! The old Biorhythm charting apps are still present to use as well.

Michael Jackson’s X51

Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, and died on June 25, 2009 on the day of his X51 Biorhythm critical and Emotional biorhythm critical.  Glynn asked me to post this for him today.

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Styled Addons

Plugins are an important aspect of any WordPress site, and Kinetic has styled integrated for many of our RocketTheme plugins such as RokStories, RokAjaxSearch, RokTabs, & RokNewsPager

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You can find all of these plugins in our Kinetic theme!


Basic support for the outdate web browser

IE6 is primarily limited by the forcing of LTR, the low detail level and Suckerfish if Fusion is active.

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Kinetic is compatible with RokGZipper

All Kinetic's javascript and CSS files are compatible with the RokGZipper gantry feature.

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PNG Sources

Image sources files accompany this release

All sources are compatible with Adobe Fireworks CS3 only, no other formats are available.

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Demo Launcher

A full and installable copy of the Kinetic demo

Download our RocketLauncher pack to install an exact copy of this Joomla demo on your server.

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Widget Styling

18 widget class suffixes are available

Choose from 8 colored ribbon styles, 8 colored box styles, and the footer or flush suffixes.

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Validate Kinetic Live

The theme is fully compliant with the XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS3 standards, as set by the World Wide Web Consortium.

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